FGA develops and champions solutions proven to protect taxpayers and free generations of Americans from government dependence. Across the country, FGA works closely with principled leaders inside and outside statehouses to win reforms that improve health and wellness, strengthen and preserve at-risk families, save household and state budgets, and change people’s lives.

Volunteer-based alternative to government-run foster care.
400,000 children languish in foster care across the country. 70 percent are there because of neglect. Reforms to strengthen and support families in crisis provide a safe, nurturing, temporary home for at-risk kids, and peace of mind for parents that their children will return home once those crises are overcome.
Baseline work requirements to receive food stamps.
Food stamps is the fastest-growing welfare program and the gateway to long-term government dependence. Common-sense reforms that promote work and self-sufficiency will empower individuals to achieve independence and a better life.
3-part solution to root out welfare fraud.
Between five percent and 25 percent of states’ welfare spending has been found to be wasted or fraudulent. Technological advances in screening will stop the scam, save the safety net for those in honest need, and protect taxpayer dollars.